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Philadelphia City Hall

The Philadelphia Realty Transfer Tax is levied on the sale or transfer of Real Estate located in Philadelphia. The tax also applies to the sale or transfer of an interest in a corporation or partnership that owns real estate and is primarily in the real estate business as defined by the taxing ordinance.  (*exceptions apply, ask your Philadelphia Title Insurance experts for a breakdown) As of January 1st of next year (2017) the current rate of 3% is going up to three and ten one-hundredths … [Read More...]


As we discussed in a recent blog on the Statute of Frauds, buyers are usually not obligated to honor real estate agreements so long as they don’t sign a contract—albeit, there are important exceptions to the rule. One of these exceptions has been catapulted into the news with a decision by the Massachusetts Land Court that text messages between two real estate brokers discussing the sale of a commercial building was sufficient, when read in context, to meet the requirements of the … [Read More...]


City owned utility companies have long considered their delinquencies as municipal liens having priority as of the date the service was provided.  On the title insurance side we have seen this bring multi-family settlement to a screeching halt when a landlord finds out there are gas liens close to ten-thousand dollars attached to their property. When it comes to these "municipal liens" and Philadelphia Gas Works, otherwise known as "PGW" in recent months it has been highly publicized that the … [Read More...]

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