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World Wide Land Transfer is a full service Settlement and Escrow Company also providing comprehensive title insurance services for all forms of real estate transactions ranging from a home purchase or refinance to the most complex commercial transaction. Read More...

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NY Transfer Tax

As a NY Title Insurance company, we often receive inquiries regarding the transfers of ownership for properties in New York. Though we only prepare deeds in connection with issuing NY Title Insurance, we are happy to have one of our attorneys assist you with a transfer that is not involved in a typical real estate transaction. In this post we'll explain what the NY Transfer Tax is, the kinds of transfers it applies to, and who must pay the tax. NY Transfer Tax The state of New York imposes a … [Read More...]

GTO Money Laundering

It’s no secret that New York City is home to thousands of high-end luxury apartments. Many films and television shows are set in Manhattan, not only because of the city’s reputation as an exciting metropolis, but also for the opportunity to shoot scenes that include breathtaking views of Central Park from the floor-to-ceiling windows of a sparkling penthouse loft. It’s also no secret that New York City is home to thousands of film and television celebrities, international businesspeople, real … [Read More...]

Monroe County E Recording

New York Expands eRecording to Two New Counties We are happy to report that both Broome and Monroe are the latest New York counties to offer eRecording—also known as digital recording. New York now has 29 eRecording jurisdictions, including New York City and its surrounding boroughs. eRecording is a service that allows attorneys, banks, and lien filers to upload and submit documents directly to the county online. eRecording significantly reduces turnaround time as well as the amount of … [Read More...]

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