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World Wide Land Transfer is a full service Settlement and Escrow Company also providing comprehensive title insurance services for all forms of real estate transactions ranging from a home purchase or refinance to the most complex commercial transaction. Read More...

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Land Survey

Among the many documents required during a residential or commercial purchase, the property survey is one of the most important. Drawn after his or her physical examination of the property, it displays the surveyor’s certified opinion on the location of record boundaries, buildings and other structures, and any encroachments, projections, or variations that conflict with the record boundary lines. It is the legal representation of exactly what is being purchased and insured, and it affects you … [Read More...]

Latent Defects

The following article was published in on June 19th and we thought it was interesting enough to share. One thing is certain, we as a NJ Title Insurance company should start putting an an extra title exception on all title insurance policies.  This should be a fun case to follow although not sure how successful the plaintiffs can be at lease on the title front. Yikes. Enjoy! June 19th The first frightening letter came three days after the couple purchased the township home … [Read More...]

NY Title Insurance Rate Change

The residential real estate industry is going to see plenty of changes as of August 1. 2015. However, the CFPB's "Know Before You Owe" rule is not the only change taking place on this date. The New York title insurance rating manual will change to benefit the consumer in a big way.  NY Title Insurance rates will see a significant decrease for refinance transactions. The section of the code that defines Refinance and Subordinate Mortgage title insurance rates, has been amended to implement … [Read More...]

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