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World Wide Land Transfer is a full service Settlement and Escrow Company also providing comprehensive title insurance services for all forms of real estate transactions ranging from a home purchase or refinance to the most complex commercial transaction. Read More...

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Today we’ll discuss title defects and title encumbrances and explain how they affect a title to real property. One of the first steps before any purchase is the title search, a process that uncovers problems associated with the title that may impair the buyer’s ownership rights. Title issues can be broken down into two camps: title defects and title encumbrances. Title Defects Common title defects include errors and omissions, mistakes in deed recording, incorrect marital status, and … [Read More...]

Chattel or Fixture

As the Latin phrase goes: quicquid plantur solo, solo credit. That means that what is fixed to the land becomes part of the land. The basic rule of fixtures and chattels is rather simple: a seller can take all chattel with them, but they must leave all fixtures in place. There is no all-inclusive definition of a fixture, however, and complications often arise. Many buyers arrive on moving day to find that many of items that made them want to purchase the property in the first place are … [Read More...]

Statute of Frauds

Is a buyer obligated to honor a real estate agreement even if they don’t sign a contract? Usually not, however there are exceptions. Today we’ll explain the NY statute of frauds rules concerning real property and demonstrate an important exception to the rule. What is a statute of frauds? The agreement between a real estate buyer and a seller for the transfer or sale of real property is governed by common law. In New York, the statute of frauds require certain contracts to be in writing. … [Read More...]

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