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World Wide Land Transfer is a full service Settlement and Escrow Company also providing comprehensive title insurance services for all forms of real estate transactions ranging from a home purchase or refinance to the most complex commercial transaction. Read More...

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NY Title Insurance Rate Change

The residential real estate industry is going to see plenty of changes as of August 1. 2015. However, the CFPB's "Know Before You Owe" rule is not the only change taking place on this date. The New York title insurance rating manual will change to benefit the consumer in a big way.  NY Title Insurance rates will see a significant decrease for refinance transactions. The section of the code that defines Refinance and Subordinate Mortgage title insurance rates, has been amended to implement … [Read More...]

Ancient Mortgages

There is not a week that goes by that we do not have a client that wants us to omit an old mortgage that was inevitably paid off and satisfied, although the satisfaction is not of record. Providing title insurance and insuring over the "ancient mortgage" really comes down to a state by state practice and there are several issues to consider: New Jersey Title Insurance Statute of Limitations: The case of Security National Partners v. Mahler, 336 N.J.Super 101 (App.Div. 2000) held that a … [Read More...]

Delaware Title Insurance Now More Expensive

Delaware Title Insurance rates have been increased as of  this month, March, 2015.  Any transactions currently set to close will be faced with the new rate manual charges set forth by the Delaware Title Insurance Rating Bureau ("DTIRB").  If you would like to price out any applicable pending transaction please feel free to run a GFE Express Quote on our website or email us for a revised quotation.  Delaware Title Insurance Owner Policy rates have gone up 18%. (Non Enhanced Homeowner’s … [Read More...]

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